Hi, everyone! 

Are you looking for a Hair stylist in Nagoya???

I guess you are reading this page because you haven’t found your hair stylist here yet?

I can be the one!  😉 


I was a hair stylist and hair makeup artist for 15 years in Canada.

If you are looking for someone who understans you, ask Yuka at Plus Aveda Salon!


You might already know that Aveda is natural concept salon from US.

Most of the products is more than 90% Organic.

It’s safe and you can relax with aroma


  : Ladies Haircut                 ¥ 6,480
  : Men’s Haircut            ¥ 5,940
 : Haircut & Color Tough up   ¥14,040 
 : Haircut & Full Color     ¥14,580 
 : Hair Treatment                     ¥ 2,160~
 : Head Spa                       ¥  2,160~

   * All included shampoo and blow dry with hand massage and head spa


For more information, ask at (052)242-0337 at Yuka!


See You At Plus Aveda Salon!!!



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